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Wall Removal Engineer Sydney

Wall Removal
As a result of a colonial influence, many Australian homes were built with privacy and cold climates in mind. Recent Architectural trends and consumer preferences have seen a shift towards living areas being more open to facilitate social interaction, entertaining, and a more pleasing living space aesthetic.
As a result, home owners are seeking to open up their homes by removing internal dividing walls.
This is a highly specialised field, and in recent times some home owners have created great danger in removing walls on mere lay opinions of builders without seeking a professional Engineer’s properly considered advice.
Sydney Engineers consult extensively on wall removal advice by visiting clients who wish to remove a wall or several walls in their home. Quite often clients will be seeking advice as to whether a wall that is being considered for removal is load bearing, and if so whether this will be an impediment to the wall being removed. In most cases, our Engineering team can devise a solution that reallocates loads in a safe and acceptable manner.
No one rule applies to advice on wall removal, and each case is different.
For an obligation free discussion about Engineering services in relation to wall removal please call Sydney Engineers on (02) 95290899 or contact-us

Sydney Engineers - Structural Engineers | Engineer Sydney


With over 40 years combined in house experience, Sydney Engineers is a Structural and Civil Engineering firm practicing across a wide range of specialty areas.
We provide specialised advice in relation to structural design and documentation for new structures, and also for alterations/additions to existing structures. We also provide a range of other Engineering services including but not limited to the following:
1.Structural design and documentation of reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber and masonry structures for the following:
  • House design
  • Residential dwelling design
  • Upmarket dwelling design
  • Alterations/Additions design
  • Extensions and Deck design
  • Swimming pool design
  • Garages & Carport design
  • Basements design
  • Retaining wall design
  • Underpinning design
  • Shoring design
  • Apartment design
  • Factory design
  • Warehouse design
  • Office Building design
  • Commercial buildings design
  • Heritage listed property engineer
  • Commercial signage design
  • Marine structure design
  • Satellite dish design
  • Foundation design
  • Roof design
  • Slab design
  • Steel design
  • Wall design
  • Floor design
  • Concrete design
2.Inspection reports on:
3.Inspection / Certification on:
4.General consulting, advisory and Project Management
  • Advice to owner builders
  • Owner Builder Reports
  • Home Owner Warranty Reports
  • Pre Purchase (Structural) Building Reports
  • After Hours and weekend emergencies
5.Expert witness
  • Building and Construction disputes
  • Neighbour disputes

Retaining Wall Design - Sydney Engineers

Retaining Walls - all types
Retaining walls are a common feature of all construction sites. Despite being relatively simple structures, the development and conception of retaining walls prior to construction is not founded in proper Engineering principles set out in the relevant Australian Standard, AS 4678-2002, Earth Retaining Structures.
All too often attempts to limit costs and to escape council requirements lead to problems later. One need only make casual observations in the surrounding built environment to observe many walls that are bulging, cracking, or leaning.
The causes of these problems are numerous and can include:
  • Poor site assessment
  • Lack of due attention to Engineering principles
  • Defective works
  • Poor drainage
  • Inappropriate design style and method for the intended purpose
  • Inappropriate backfill
Sydney Engineers can consider the essential elements of a retaining wall construction such as strength, suitability, durability, aesthetics and cost to tailor a novel and cost effective solution for the needs of your site. We are experts in designing new retaining walls across the entire spectrum of design styles and methods. We also advise on the structural integrity of existing walls.
To engage a professional Engineer to advise you in relation to your retaining wall, please call 02 95465458 or visit